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CSS Central

Cascading Style Sheets give authors the ability to lay out and style their content without having to change the structure. Netscape is a world leader in the implementation of this important and evolving standard. Find out more about CSS and how it can work for you.

Using the :target selector

When a URL points at a specific piece of a document, it can be difficult to ascertain. Fnd out how you can use some simple CSS to draw attention to the target of a URL and improve the user's experience. [go]

Revealing Accesskey Information

Accesskeys can make a Web page much more usable, but they're usually so thoroughly hidden that nobody knows they're available, let alone what they are. Contributor Stuart Robinson shows how generated content can be used to make accesskey information visible, and therefore useful as well as usable. [go]

The Search for the Missing Link

Sometimes, a Web design can make links look so much like regular text that it's hard to see a difference between the two. Contributor Stuart Robertson shows how to take advantage of CSS hover styles to make the links stand out. [go]

Styling the Amazing Netscape Fish Cam Page

A classic reborn! The Amazing Netscape Fish Cam Page has been restructured and restyled for the new millenium, ditching tables for strong and accessible markup. Take a cruise through one aspect of the redesign with master styler Eric Meyer. [go]

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