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DOM Central contains information about how to use the Document Object Model (DOM) to create standards-compliant DHTML and dynamic web applications. DOM refers to how browsers and other software represent documents as objects to dynamically access and modify a document´s contents.

While there are many differences between the 4th generation browsers (Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4), many aspects of how they treated forms, frames, etc were the same. This common behavior between Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4 is what is known as the DOM 0. DOM 0 is not an official standard but refers to behavior that you can expect to be the similar (if not the same) in these two generatation 4 browsers.

Today, "the DOM" usually means W3C DOM which is the standard for all modern browsers. The W3C DOM is the future of web development.

DHTML Demonstrations Using DOM/Style

These demonstrations are recommended materials for developers interested in learning the DOM and how to dynamically manipulate markup and style property of elements. Most of the DOM demos features the use of the DOM, CSS, JavaScript, and related technologies. [go]

Traversing an HTML Table with JavaScript and DOM Interfaces

An overview of the DOM level 1.0 methods and how to use them via JavaScript. This technote covers the core methods that allows creation and manipulation of markup elements dyncamically via JavaScript. [go]

inheritFrom - A Simple Method of Inheritance upon Demand

Extending Classes is a powerful method in Object Oriented programming. Use this simple function to inherit properties and methods from prototype objects. [go]

CSpider - A Web Site Processor

CSpider is a simple framework which illustrates the use of several other examples to create an event-driven JavaScript application. [go]

CSimpleObservable - An Implementation of the Observer pattern in JavaScript

Observers and Observables are a basic pattern in event-based programming. CSimpleObservable provides a reuseable means of incorporating Observers and Observables into your Web Applications. [go]

CList - An Array Adapter Class which supports unique Elements

CList simplifies the maintenance of Arrays which must contain unique values without duplicate entries. [go]

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