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Netscape Browser Add Ons and Application Development

As a Mozilla-based browser, Netscape 7.x is extremely customizable. Add features for yourself or for distribution. Create your own applications using the XUL development framework. Add-ons provided by third-parties are not supported and are recommended for developers that are familiar with use of beta software.

Creating Applications with Mozilla

This O'Reilly book by David Boswell, Brian King, Ian Oeschger, Pete Collins and Eric Murphy is the definitive resource for learning how to create applications using the Mozilla Platform.

Sidebar tabs are panels that are written in HTML or XUL and can be installed in Netscape browser. Visit Netscape's My Sidebar Directory to install sidebar tabs or follow these links to learn how to develop your own:


A Bookmarklet is JavaScript code that can be added to your bookmark in Mozilla. When you trigger the link with JavaScript, the script is executed in the context of the current web page. This allows developers to create scripts that can interact with content of web pages. Jesse Ruderman has contributed many useful Bookmarklets.

XPI Toolbars and XUL apps for Mozilla

Mozilla allows extentions that can be distributed and installed on top of the browser. The following are links related with projects about XUL and XPI components: