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Download Netscape Gecko

Get popular Netscape Gecko-based browser builds and learn which versions of Mozilla the various browsers are based on.

Netscape Gecko™-based browser Gecko (Mozilla) Version
Netscape 7.x (Windows, Mac, Linux) Gecko 1.0.2
Netscape 7.0 Solaris Gecko 1.0.1
Netscape 7.0 HP-UX Gecko 1.0.1
Netscape 7.0 AIX Gecko 1.0.1
AOL for Mac OSX Gecko 1.0.1
CompuServe 7 Gecko
Latest Mozilla Releases Gecko 1.2.1
Mozilla Nightly builds (FTP) Gecko 1.4+
Camino (formerly Chimera) 0.7 (Mac OS X) Gecko 1.0.2
Mozilla Firebird 0.6 Gecko 1.4b

You can also flash back to the old days with the Netscape browser archive.