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Comparing Netscape 7.x Vs. Mozilla For Your Organization

Many organizations are facing the question of whether to deploy Netscape 7.x or Mozilla. Both use the same Gecko layout engine, security modules, and components, share the same great features such as pop up ad blocking and tabbed browsing, and both can extend functions through add ons. Yet there are differences between the two that could make a difference for an organization. This document compiles basic differences between these browsers to help in the decision-making process.

Netscape 7.x Mozilla
Feature Set
  • Generally more end-user centric
  • Includes built-in AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, and AOL links on the desktop
  • Bundles major plugins and Java
  • Generally more developer centric with built in debuggers and as the start page
  • Includes menus for test suites, demos, performance tools for developers and testers
  • A smaller install file without plugins
  • Could deploy along with Enterprise AIM. Includes a built-in IRC client, Chatzilla
  • Customization requires manually editing files
  • Localized versions for major languages only -- e.g. Canadian English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and UK English
  • Extensively tested and officially certified by the Netscape QA group
  • Over 50 additional language versions by volunteers. Many of them for languages which otherwise will have no browsers from major browser vendors
  • Informal testing by volunteers. Informal releases from volunteer contributors without formal certification
  • Localization tools such as Mozilla Translator and MozExp Tool are available for leveraging and translation
Bug Fixes
  • Collects bugs via various user feedback mechanisms. Uses Mozilla's Bugzilla to process bugs -- may elect to work on and/or take a subset of code fixes through Mozilla's bug process
  • No daily builds available for public to check up-to-date bug fix status
  • Direct bug reporting to Bugzilla. Developers can submit code changes for review and check in to the Mozilla source if approved
  • Daily builds available for public downloading to check up-to-date bug fix status
  • A few releases per year. Leverages Mozilla milestone feedback and testing, adds Netscape's own extensive quality assurance process to build on the stability and performance of the Mozilla releases producing the most stable Gecko-based applications
  • Distributed via the Netscape download page and CD sales
  • More frequent "milestone" releases and visibility into the release schedule
  • Focus on developer-oriented releases -- can tolerate certain bugs that cannot be for user-oriented releases
  • Distributed via the Mozilla download page
Website Compatibility
  • Tested and certified with more websites due to Netscape reputation and greater market share
  • Compatibility advocated by the Mozilla Technology Evangelism team and other volunteers