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The Hypertext Markup Language is the foundation of the Web, permitting authors to create documents with structure and accessibility. Get more information about this cornerstone of Web development.

If you are still using FONT or TABLE tags to control the presentation of your web site, you should be aware that much better approaches are available today which separate meaning content from its presentation through the use of HTML and CSS. CSS Central contains helpful pointers on how to author modern, accessible web content using HTML and CSS.

The Importance of Correct Commenting

Learn why writing correct comments is crucial in Gecko in standards mode and in all XML content. [go]

Tips For Authoring Fast-loading HTML Pages

Learn common-sense tips for producing HTML pages which load quickly and provide visitor satisfaction. [go]

Prefetching Content for Increased Performance

Learn how to optimize download speeds of your webpages using link prefetching. [go]

Standards-Compliant Authoring Tools

Some authoring tools generate proprietary, poorly formed code. Using authoring tools that adhere to the W3 standards will ensure your code works across popular browsers. [go]

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