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JavaScript Central

This is the place for documentation and references about the JavaScript programming language. This section is dedicated to the language itself, however you will also find pointers to other centrals where JavaScript is in use in combination with other technologies.


Using Breakpoints in Venkman

This article describes breakpoints in JavaScript and how to use the Venkman JavaScript debugger to set and examine breakpoints. [go]

Netscape DevEdge Redesign: JavaScript

Learn about the use of JavaScript in Netscape's DevEdge which is used to extend pure CSS-based menus to support most modern browsers. [go]

Venkman, the new JavaScript Debugger for Netscape 7.x

Get an introduction to Venkman, the cross-platform JavaScript debugger for Netscape 7.x and Mozilla [go]

JavaScript References

DevEdge Sidebar Updated With JavaScript Guides

Guides and References for JavaScript 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 are the latest quick-reference additions to the DevEdge Sidebar. If you have already installed this handy dandy "all-in-one" sidebar tab in Mozilla or Netscape, simply open it and select the Guide or Reference you wish to read.