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Plugins Central

Plugins Central provides information and recommendations related to Netscape Gecko browsers for both web site and plugins developers. Start with the Plugins Overview article for a general introduction.

Windows Media Player in Netscape 7.1

This article describes how to use the Microsoft Windows Media Player ActiveX control in Netscape 7.1 on Windows. [go]

Scripting Plugins: Macromedia Flash

This article discusses scripting the Macromedia Flash plugin -- that is, exposing the plugin to JavaScript so the Flash plugin can access the JavaScript functions in the HTML page. [go]

Interacting with Viewpoint Content via JavaScript

Learn how to use JavaScript to enable Netscape Gecko browsers to interact with the Viewpoint plugin to create rich media experiences and dynamic, 3D content. [go]

Using the Right Markup to Invoke Plugins

Learn how to use the object element, the embed element, and the applet element to invoke plugins and Java in Netscape Gecko browsers. [go]

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