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Security Developer Central

Security Central presents resources on deploying digitally signed code in Netscape Gecko-based browsers as well as addresses general security concerns web sites may have about secure transactions conducted using Netscape Gecko based browsers. Netscape Gecko browsers such as Mozilla and Netscape 7.x share the same security model and therefore have many resources in common.

How to Turn Off Form Autocompletion

This technote discusses how a web site can prevent Netscape Gecko-based browsers (such as Mozilla and Netscape 7) from remembering form and password field information in session history cache and also how to prevent the user from being prompted by the browser to store this information. [go]

Signing Tools and Digital Signatures

This technote presents information on signing code using Signtool 1.3. [go]

Bypassing Security Restrictions and Signing Code

Use Netscape/Mozilla preferences to selectively relax security restrictions for particlar web sites. [go]

Configuring Your Verisign Certificates to Avoid Warnings

Learn how to configure Verisign certificates to avoid displaying warnings in Netscape Gecko. [go]

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