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The Business Benefits of Web Standards

Refer to - and copy from - this article if you need to make a business case for creating cross-browser, standards-based websites and applications. (Also see the related presentation.)(March 2003) [go]

Choosing Standards Compliance Over Proprietary Practices

Learn why conforming to open technology standards external to an organization is just as important following internal procedural standards. (March 2003) [go]

External Articles and Blogs

W3: Buy Standards-Compliant Web Sites

Are you in the process of requisitioning a website? This W3C document details the benefits of standards and summarizes the specific requirements that will help you achieve this goal. (Ongoing updates) [go]

W3: Business Benefits of Accessible Web Design

One of several W3C resources created to assist the preparation of a business case for the implementation of web accessibility. (Ongoing updates) [go]

W3: My Web site is standard! And yours?

Includes easy, painless techniques and ideas from the W3C for improving your web site quality, as well as useful responses to those objecting to standards. (Ongoing updates) [go] Web Standards Project's FAQ

In a useful outline format, this faq answers that burning question: What are web standards and why should I use them? (Ongoing updates) [go]

HotWired: Site Optimization Tutorial

This tutorial doesn't focus on standards per se but has some useful facts and tips for site building, all which point to the benefits of clean, standards-based code. (2003) [go] Blog: Standing up for standards

Thoughts on why designers should aim to support standards - and not particular browsers. (Mar. 10, 2003) [go] Blog: The Real Challenge

Hint: The large-scale systems and third-party content that must be integrated into most big sites. (Oct. 10, 2002) [go]

HotWired: Web Standards For Hard Times

A perspective on why you can't afford to ignore web standards anymore. (Aug. 6, 2002) [go]

Sitepoint: The Importance Of Web Standards

A nice combination of history, technical details, and rationale for standards. (Jan. 31, 2002) [go]

Youngpup: Iconologic and Standards

An old yet relevant article written by someone who really needed to tell his company why standards-compliant web pages are more than a timesaver for lazy programmers (hosted on a neat CSS-driven site no less.) (July 23, 2001) [go]

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