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Standards Case Studies

See many more standards sites examples compiled at (Making A Commercial Case for Adopting Web Standards).

Case Study in a Successful Standards-Based Migration

(May 2003) Media Farm LLC was approached by the Web team at NYU Stern School of Business' Executive Programs to help them with their Web site. Jeremy Stanton outlines the steps Media Farm took to solve their client's design and performance issues through application of standards-based coding practices, and provides general best practices to help other web managers make a similar migration. [go]

An Interview With Mike Davidson of ESPN

(March 2003), one of the Web's biggest sports-related web sites, is moving to standards-based, non-table layout. When so prominent a web site makes such a move, what does it mean to them and to the rest of us? We talk with ESPN's Mike Davidson about the change, the decisions, the benefits, and a whole lot more. [go]

An Interview With Douglas Bowman of Wired News

(October 2002) Wired News launched a major new redesign based on XHTML 1.0 and no tables. Find out how they did it, and what benefits and drawbacks this design entailed, in an in-depth interview with Douglas Bowman of Wired News. [go]

Netscape DevEdge Redesigns As Standards Showcase

Netscape DevEdge showcases efficient, accessible cross-browser design. A tableless, CSS-driven framework lets the visitor choose their preferred theme and incorporates a host of other useful and fun features. Learn more how we did it and why. [go]

Interested in contributing a case study about a major site you redesigned using standards? Please tell us about it.