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Strategy Presentations

On DevEdge

The Case for Web Standards

A PowerPoint presentation summarizing the business benefits of web standards, designed for re-use in your own presentations. Also available in plain text. (March 2003) [go]

External Presentations

Inclusive Web Design For The Future

A talk by Steven Champeon and Nick Finck presented at SXSW Austin, TX (March 2003) [go]

Bridging Browsers Compatibility Problems

A keynote by Eric Meyer from Web Design World, Seattle (July 2002) [go]

Rebuilding A Site With Standards

A keynote by Eric Meyer from Web Design World, Boston (November 2002) [go]

More presentations from Eric Meyer

After a recent presentation, a web designer enthused to Eric: "I've always thought that moving to standards meant boring layout and leaving old browsers behind, but now I see it's nothing like that. I'm sold on standards-based layout." Perhaps his presentations can help you get similar responses. [go]