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Plug-in Side Plug-in API

This chapter describes methods in the plug-in API that are available for the plug-in object. The names of all of these methods begin with NPP_ to indicate that they are implemented by the plug-in and called by the browser. For an overview of how these two sides of the plug-in API interact, see the How Plug-ins Work and Overview of Plug-in Structure sections in the introduction.

Plugin Method Summary

Deletes a specific instance of a plug-in.
Tells the plug-in that a stream is about to be closed or destroyed.
Allows the browser to query the plug-in for information.
Allows the browser to query the plug-in for information.
Delivers a platform-specific window event to the instance.
Provides global initialization for a plug-in.
Creates a new instance of a plug-in.
Notifies a plug-in instance of a new data stream.
Requests a platform-specific print operation for an embedded or full-screen plug-in.
Sets information about the plug-in.
Tells the plug-in when a window is created, moved, sized, or destroyed.
Provides global deinitialization for a plug-in.
Provides a local file name for the data from a stream.
Notifies the instance of the completion of a URL request.
Delivers data to a plug-in instance.
Determines maximum number of bytes that the plug-in can consume.

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