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If you are looking for information on Navigator 4.x, please visit the DevEdge Archive. Thank you!

DevEdge Manuals

Netscape authored manuals for recent Netscape Gecko related products.

If you are looking for manuals for Netscape Communicator 4 or older Netscape Server products, please visit the DevEdge Archive Manuals site.

Gecko Plug-in API Reference

The Plug-in API Reference describes how to create plug-ins for Mozilla, Netscape, and other Gecko-based browsers. [ PDF ] [go]

JavaScript 1.5 Core Reference

The reference manual for the core JavaScript language for version 1.5. [ ZIP ] [go]

JavaScript 1.5 Core Guide

JavaScript is Netscape's cross-platform, object-based scripting language. This book explains everything you need to know about using core JavaScript. [ ZIP ] [go]

XPInstall API Reference

XPInstall is a technology used for cross-platform installations. The APIs described in this reference make it easy to create simple, web-based install scripts as well as full-featured application installations in JavaScript. [ PDF | ZIP ] [go]

Transforming XML: Netscape and XSLT

XSLT allows you to manipulate your XML documents in a variety of ways. Netscape has an internal XSLT processor that can simplify presenting your XML data to human readers. This reference documents Netscape's support of the pertinent W3C Recommendations and presents an overview of the XSLT process. [ ZIP ] [go]

Gecko DOM Reference

Describes the DOM interfaces in Mozilla/Netscape Gecko. Object overviews, additional notes, and longer examples show you how to manipulate web page content, the browser application chrome, and other structural markup data from JavaScript. [go]

Obsolete Manuals