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Netscape 7

The DevEdge RSS-News Ticker Toolbar

The DevEdge news ticker toolbar is an extension for the Netscape 7.1 browser. This toolbar displays headlines for articles from DevEdge, C|Net and NYT. The toolbar extension was created based on the DevEdge Toolbar technote. [go]

What's New in Netscape 7.1 for Web Developers

Netscape 7.1 promises to quickly become the dominant Netscape browser. Learn about the new features for web developers available in Netscape 7.1. [go]

Windows Media Player in Netscape 7.1

This article describes how to use the Microsoft Windows Media Player ActiveX control in Netscape 7.1 on Windows. [go]

Using the :target selector

When a URL points at a specific piece of a document, it can be difficult to ascertain. Fnd out how you can use some simple CSS to draw attention to the target of a URL and improve the user's experience. [go]

Fighting Junk Mail with Netscape 7.1

Is your mail account drowning in a flood of spam? Netscape 7.1 includes built-in junk mail filtering that you can train to meet your specific needs. Eric Meyer share his experiences with making the junk mail controls more effective, and looks at other preferences you might want to set to keep your account safe. [go]

Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Support in Netscape 7.1/Mozilla 1.4

Beginning with Netscape 7.1 (Mozilla 1.4), support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) is built in the browser. This article presents a brief history of IDN and how IDN works in Netscape 7.1 (Mozilla 1.4) as the user types in a non-ASCII domain name or click on a link containing a non-ASCII domain name. [go]

Accessing Web Services In Netscape 7.1/Mozilla 1.4 Using WSDL Proxying

Learn how to access web services in Netscape 7.1/Mozilla 1.4 using WSDL proxying from JavaScript. [go]

The XSLT/JavaScript Interface In Gecko

Learn about Gecko's XSLT/JavaScript bindings and how to use the power of XSLT from JavaScript. [go]

Using Breakpoints in Venkman

This article describes breakpoints in JavaScript and how to use the Venkman JavaScript debugger to set and examine breakpoints. [go]

Rich-Text Editing in Mozilla 1.3

Learn about the designMode implementation in Mozilla 1.3 which converts HTML documents into rich-text editing widgets. [go]

SOAP in Netscape Gecko-based Browsers

Learn how to use SOAP in Netscape Gecko to access web services. [go]

Prefetching Content for Increased Performance

Learn how to optimize download speeds of your webpages using link prefetching. [go]

XSLT in Netscape Gecko

Learn how XSLT 1.0 transformations can be run inside Netscape Gecko based clients such as Netscape 7.x as well as other XSLT 1.0 compliant browsers. The article also shows how to generate HTML from an XML source. [go]

Popup Window Controls and Your Website

Netscape 7.01 allows users to control most unsolicited attempts to open new windows such as popup and popunder windows. Learn how to detect Popup Controls, how to ask your readers to enable popups for your site and how to get the benefits of popup windows without using popup windows. [go]

Creating a Toolbar for Netscape 7.x

Learn how to create and install a toolbar for Netscape 7.x using XUL and JavaScript. [go]

Venkman, the new JavaScript Debugger for Netscape 7.x

Get an introduction to Venkman, the cross-platform JavaScript debugger for Netscape 7.x and Mozilla [go]

Netscape Gecko User Agent Strings

List of released user agents based upon Netscape GeckoTM [go]

Client Object Cross References

These Client Object References provide information on the common objects used in DHTML for Gecko 1.0. (Netscape 7.0x), Gecko 1.4 (Netscape 7.1) and Internet Explorer 6.0. [go]