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Client Object Cross References

These Client Object References provide information on the common objects used in DHTML for Gecko 1.0. (Netscape 7.0x), Gecko 1.4 (Netscape 7.1) and Internet Explorer 6.0.

These references are intended to help you determine which properties are supported or not in each browser are not meant to be the definitive references for the full behavior of each of these properties. For more information please consult Microsoft's MSDN and's Web Developer Documentation.

Note that these references were initially generated via enumerating the exposed properties of the various objects in the different browsers. Due to differences in each browser, some properties may not be reported. In particular, Microsoft Internet Explorer does not enumerate methods, so that many of the references do not include information on methods for Internet Explorer. Please see MSDN for futher information concerning Internet Explorer. In addition, these references do not include full information on event handlers.

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