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CSS Support Charts

These charts detail browser support for the CSS1 specification as well as portions of CSS2. The material focuses on browsers with versions released in 2000 and later, although there is an historical (pre-2000) CSS1 support chart also available.

These references are intended to help you determine which properties and values are supported or not in each browser. They are not meant to the definitive references for the full behavior of these properties or values, nor can they capture all of the nuances of partial support (where it exists). For more information, please consult Microsoft's MSDN and's Web Developer Documentation.

Note that these charts are generated by running browsers through test pages such as the W3C's CSS1 Test Suite and relying on various other sources. They therefore rely to a degree on human judgment and interpretation.

A key to the chart data is available.

At the moment, the charts only cover browsers up through IE5.x, NS6.0, and Opera 4, which were the most recent versions available at the beginning of 2001. There are efforts underway to update the charts to cover more recent browsers, but this will take some time. Thank you for your patience.

The data contained in the charts are governed by a Creative Commons license. Use or reuse of the chart material indicates your acceptance of the license and its terms.

Chart Updated Description
Mastergrid 14 Jan 2001 The Web's oldest active CSS support chart as well as one of its first, it details CSS1 support in browsers up through the modification date. The chart was modified in April 2003 to drop pre-2000 Web browsers, but the support information was not changed at that time. [100KB]
Historical CSS1 Support 14 Jan 2001 Details CSS1 support in early CSS implementations such as IE3, Opera 3, and NN4.x. This chart is included for historical purposes only. [71KB]
CSS2 Selectors 14 Jan 2001 Details browser support for CSS2 selectors.