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DHTML Demonstrations Using DOM/Style

Mozilla's DOM Sample Project

This page contains a list of DOM samples based on the various DOM features. The list includes demos for DOM Events, DOM Core, DOM HTML and much more. [go]

Real-time 3D animation

This demonstration shows how to use JavaScript and the DOM to dynamically animate a set of image objects creating a 3d animation effect. [go]

DOM Demonstrations (Requires DOM 1 and 2 compliant web browser)

DOM Style: Clipping and Positioning Elements via JavaScript DOM Interfaces

This demonstration is optimized to work with Mozilla because it uses PNG images with alpha channel. This demonstrates the use of DOM interfaces to set positioning and clip properties of DIV elements. [go]

DOM 1 and DOM 2 Events: Dragging and Resizing Element using DOM

This sample requires a web browser compliant with DOM 1 and DOM 2 Events. It was tested with Netscape 7.x/Mozilla. [go]

DOM 1 and DOM 2: Dynamically Manipulating a Table Element

This demonstration requires a browser that supports DOM 1 and DOM 2 specfication, such as Netscape 7.x or Mozilla. It uses DOM 2 mouse events to provide an interface that can dynamically manipulate table elements. [go]

Cross-Browser Widgets

Windowing API: BrainJar's DHTML Window

BrainJar's DHTML Windows is a widget that demonstrates how to add dynamic DHTML windows to your DHTML application. [go]

Scott Potter's Dynamic Window

Dynamic Window Interface demonstrates a DHTML-based desktop interface with multiple windows support and integration with embedded DHTML applications. [go]

Stock Ticker

Stock Ticker provides a reusable Object that can be adapted to display scrolling stock quotes in any Browser that supports the Standard DOM. [go]

Additional Resources for Learning The DOM

Traversing an HTML Table with JavaScript and DOM Interfaces

An overview of the DOM level 1.0 methods and how to use them via JavaScript. This technote covers the core methods that allows creation and manipulation of markup elements dyncamically via JavaScript. [go]

DOM Central

Learn more about W3C DOM. [go]

Visit has DHTML scripts and tutorials using the W3C DOM. Check out the Zoom Intro demo and other great DOM demonstrations and scripts. [go]

W3C DOM Category at DMOZ.ORG

This category contains technotes, tutorials and many other resources related with JavaScript and the W3C DOM. [go]