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DevEdge Examples

DevEdge Examples contains sample code which you can to learn how to develop using the newest technologies based upon the standards for HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript. You may freely use, modify and distribute DevEdge Examples in your web site and web applications. This site may also contain links to examples and resources located on external web sites.

inheritFrom - A Simple Method of Inheritance upon Demand

Extending Classes is a powerful method in Object Oriented programming. Use this simple function to inherit properties and methods from prototype objects. [go]

CSpider - A Web Site Processor

CSpider is a simple framework which illustrates the use of several other examples to create an event-driven JavaScript application. [go]

CSimpleObservable - An Implementation of the Observer pattern in JavaScript

Observers and Observables are a basic pattern in event-based programming. CSimpleObservable provides a reuseable means of incorporating Observers and Observables into your Web Applications. [go]

CList - An Array Adapter Class which supports unique Elements

CList simplifies the maintenance of Arrays which must contain unique values without duplicate entries. [go]

A Window-based Document Loader

Loading documents either as components of a web application or for use in pre-fetching requires reliable notification of when the documents are available. WDocumentLoader provides an easy to use, cross-browser means of loading documents. [go]

Simplify Form handling With the CFormData JavaScript object.

Dealing with Form data can be a tedious task. Check out how the CFormData JavaScript object makes dealing with forms as easy as pie. [go]

A JavaScript Wrapper for Making Asynchronous Function and Object Method Calls

The normal means of calling functions asynchronously in JavaScript can be painful and downright impossible if you want to call Object methods asynchronously. See how CCallWrapper simplifies making asynchronous function and Object method calls in Netscape 4.x, Netscape 6, Netscape 7, Mozilla, Gecko-based browsers, Internet Explorer and Opera 7. [go]

Standards-Based Collapsible Table of Contents Widget (CTOCWidget)

Learn how XML and the W3C DOM were used to create the collapsible tree widgets used in the tables of content for the JavaScript Guide and Reference additions to the DevEdge MultiBar Sidebar tab. [go]

Class xbDesignMode

Cross Browser JavaScript Object that helps to utilize the designMode feature. [go]

Class xbPositionableElement

Cross Browser DHTML Positionable Element [go]

Class xbObject


Class xbMarquee

Cross Browser JavaScript Object which emulates the Marquee object in Internet Explorer [go]

Class xbLibrary

provides script loading capabilities [go]

Library xbDebug

Cross Browser Debugging API with support for Gecko based browsers, Internet Explorer 4+, Opera 5+, Netscape Navigator 4.x. [go]

Library xbDOM

Cross Browser DOM API with support for Gecko based browsers, Internet Explorer 4+, Opera 5+, Netscape Navigator 4.x. [go]

Class xbAnimatedElement

Cross Browser DHTML Animated Element [go]

Script ua.js

Practical Browser Sniffing Script [go]

Function getGeckoRv()

Returns Gecko rv: value as a floating point number [go]

Class xbTreeWidgetStatic

Cross Browser Tree Widget with DHTML Support for Gecko based browsers, Internet Explorer 4+, and Static HTML support for Opera 5+, Netscape Navigator 4.x. [go]

Class xbStyle

Cross Browser Style API with support for Gecko based browsers, Internet Explorer 4+, Opera 5+, Netscape Navigator 4.x. [go]