Netscape DevEdge

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If you are looking for information on Navigator 4.x, please visit the DevEdge Archive. Thank you!

DevEdge Toolbox

The DevEdge Toolbox contains Examples, Tools and References to aid Web developers in supporting user agents based upon the Netscape Gecko embeddable browser.

DevEdge Sidebar Tabs

The DevEdge Netscape Sidebar tabs are a quick and convenient means of getting the latest news from DevEdge as well as access to references which every web developer will find useful. Currently there are versions in English and French. The DevEdge Netscape Sidebar tabs are available either individually or combined in the DevEdge Multibar. [go]


DevEdge Examples contains sample code which you can to learn how to develop using the newest technologies based upon the standards for HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript. You may freely use, modify and distribute DevEdge Examples in your web site and web applications. This site may also contain links to examples and resources located on external web sites. [go]

Development Tools

Information about Netscape's suite of development tools, such as Venkman and the DOM Inspector, as well as standards-aware tools available from third parties. [go]

Site Validation Tools and Services

This index contains a collection of applications and online services to validate conformance of web pages based on existing guidelines and web standards. [go]