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If you are looking for information on Navigator 4.x, please visit the DevEdge Archive. Thank you!

DevEdge Netscape Sidebar Tabs

The DevEdge Netscape Sidebar tabs are a quick and convenient means of getting the latest news from DevEdge as well as access to references which every web developer will find useful. Currently there are versions in English and French. The DevEdge Netscape Sidebar tabs are available either individually or combined in the DevEdge Multibar.

Netscape Sidebar tabs can only be installed in Netscape 7.x or Mozilla.

DevEdge MultiBar

The MultiBar version of the DevEdge Sidebar Tab combines the sidebar tabs listed below into one, thereby saving your precious Sidebar real estate. We like the approach so much we have nick named it the MultiBar. The design is dynamic so new panels will appear automatically in the future without the need to install each one individually.

Find out about creating your own MultiBar in How to implement a Netscape Multibar Sidebar Tab. For additional information about Sidebar Tab development please visit My Sidebar Developer's Guide.

Install the DevEdge MultiBar

  1. Make sure My Sidebar is open (press F9)
  2. Install the DevEdge Sidebar Tab

Individual Sidebar Tabs

Mouse over each link to see a preview image of the available sidebar tabs. Click on any link to install the individual sidebar tab.

sidebar preview not available

Thanks to Rich Doughty for permission to host his DOM 2 Sidebar tab. You can contact Rich via email at