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Browser Feature Detection

An experimental approach to discovering degree of support for Standards, Updated March 16, 2003

Many people recommend using the existence of specific properties or methods in a browser's DOM to detect the browser type and whether it supports a given operation. This test takes that idea to the extreme and tests a large number of properties and methods to determine the level of support a browser has for particular standards and reports a rating as the percentage of names the browser defines.

Browser Sniffing via API name detection

The following tables list the API names defined for specific W3C DOM APIs and lists the percentage of names that your browser actually defines followed by a list of each of the API names tested along with an indication of whether the name was defined for your browser.

The results of this test are very illustrating when run using Netscape 7.0x, Internet Explorer 6, and Opera 7.

It is clear from the results of these preliminary tests that Netscape 7.0x/Mozilla has the greatest support, that Internet Explorer 6 and Opera 7 have sufficient support to enable cross browser web development.

Test Summary for Netscape 7.0x, Internet Explorer 6 and Opera 7
Standard Netscape 7.0x Internet Explorer 6 Opera 7
DOM Core 1 100% 75% 75%
DOM Core 2 100% 58% 70%
DOM HTML 100% 100% 100%
DOM CSS 1 100% 96% 100%
DOM CSS 2 100% 38% 71%

Test Results