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If you are looking for information on Navigator 4.x, please visit the DevEdge Archive. Thank you!

Development Tools

Standards-Compliant Authoring Tools

Some authoring tools generate proprietary, poorly formed code. Using authoring tools that adhere to the W3 standards will ensure your code works across popular, modern browsers. [go]

Using Mozilla in Testing and Debugging Web Sites

Get an overview of some useful Mozilla features that make it a great tool for website testing and debugging. [go]

Venkman, the new JavaScript Debugger for Netscape 7.x

Get started using Venkman, the powerful cross-platform JavaScript debugger that you can install and run as part of the Netscape application suite. [go]

Mozilla's DOM Inspector

DOM Inspector is part of any standard Mozilla build and can be used to view or modify the Document Object Model (DOM) and CSS of any Live web page or XUL application. Read Ian Oeschger's Introduction to the DOM Inspector and grayrest's Guide to the DOM Inspector for more details on what the DOM Inspector can do for you. [go]

Browser Feature Detection

A quick test to see how much of the Standards your browser supports [go]

Macrozilla Project on

This application is a Netscape Add On that allows you to automate operations with scripts that can access the browser window. For instance, it's possible to collect all the external JS source code from a given web page. Currently Macrozilla is under development and welcomes contribution. [go]