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Updating DHTML Web Pages for next generation browsers

What you need to know about the layer tag, document.all, and other proprietary extensions and how to work with them in a cross browser world. [go]

The XML Binding Language

XBL is the XML Binding Language. You can use XBL to add styles, properties and methods to existing HTML elements, as well as create and define new tags with their own set of styles, properties and methods. [go]

Notes on TLS/SSL 3.0 Intolerant Servers

Learn how incorrectly implemented SSL 3.0 implementations can cause problems for your web site visitors. [go]

Case Sensitivity in class and id Names

Although CSS is itself case-insensitive, class and ID names are defined to be case-sensitive in HTML 4.01. Find out how this wrinkle can affect your site design and best practices to avoid any problems. [go]

Liberty! Equality! Validity!

Document validation is the single most important tool an author has available. Validating not only makes sure your documents are well-formed, but makes them more robust and ready for the future. Get the details on common validation errors and how to fix your documents so you can avoid them. [go]

Underscores in class and ID Names

The use of the underscore character in CSS can lead to major display problems in multiple browsers. Learn why this is so, and how to keep your sites from being bitten by this problem. [go]

DevEdge International

This page provides a brief introduction to DevEdge International and its generalconcepts. [go]