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Correctly Using Titles With External Stylesheets

Improper use of the title attribute can cause external stylesheets to be ignored by browsers. Find out how this can happen and how to avoid it in your documents. [go]

Tracking Gecko Browser Statistics

Learn how to accurately track website visitors using Netscape Gecko-based browsers. [go]

Displaying DevEdge Pages in Your Favorite Language

This article explains how to set browser language preferences to take advantage of the language negotiation feature on DevEdge. [go]

Popup Window Controls and Your Website

Netscape 7.01 allows users to control most unsolicited attempts to open new windows such as popup and popunder windows. Learn how to detect Popup Controls, how to ask your readers to enable popups for your site and how to get the benefits of popup windows without using popup windows. [go]

Fixing Table Inheritance in Quirks Mode

When in quirks mode, Gecko-based browsers will appear to ignore inheritance of font styles into tables from parent elements. Find out why this happens and how to fix it in documents that have to remain in quirks mode. [go]

Using the Right Markup to Invoke Plugins

Learn how to use the object element, the embed element, and the applet element to invoke plugins and Java in Netscape Gecko browsers. [go]

Bypassing Security Restrictions and Signing Code

Use Netscape/Mozilla preferences to selectively relax security restrictions for particlar web sites. [go]

Creating a Toolbar for Netscape 7.x

Learn how to create and install a toolbar for Netscape 7.x using XUL and JavaScript. [go]

Conference Presentation: Web Standards and The Future of The Web

Presentation given at the Meet The Makers conference about "Web Standards and the Future of the Web". Covers topics such as XML/CSS, SOAP and web services. [go]

Configuring Your Verisign Certificates to Avoid Warnings

Learn how to configure Verisign certificates to avoid displaying warnings in Netscape Gecko. [go]

An Interview With Douglas Bowman of Wired News

On October 11, 2002, Wired News launched a major new redesign based on XHTML 1.0 and no tables. Find out how they did it, and what benefits and drawbacks this design entailed, in an in-depth interview with Douglas Bowman of Wired News. [go]

Fixing Incorrectly Sized List Item Markers

An obscure bug in Gecko causes list-item markers to be differently sizeed than the text of the list item, but there is a fix authors can use. Learn how to correctly size list item markers in Gecko 0.9.4, the basis of Netscape 6.2.x and CompuServe 7. [go]

Venkman, the new JavaScript Debugger for Netscape 7.x

Get an introduction to Venkman, the cross-platform JavaScript debugger for Netscape 7.x and Mozilla [go]

Consistent List Indentation

Trying to change the indentation of lists with CSS is trickier than it looks, but only because CSS-conformant browsers took different paths to default indentation. Find out how to get them all in line. [go]

Netscape Gecko Compatibility Handbook

How to diagnose and avoid common web site problems with Netscape 7.x, AOL for Mac OS X and other browsers based on the Netscape Gecko embeddable browser [go]

Defining Cross-Browser Tooltips

Authors are used to having alt text appear as a "tooltip" above images, but that's not how it was meant to be used. Learn how to define "tooltips" in a cross-browser, standards-friendly way. [go]

Styling Abbreviations and Acronyms

The HTML elements abbr and acronym are useful accessibility aids, but their styling can come as a surprise to authors. See how you can take control of their presentation without sacrificing the benefits these elements provide. [go]

My Sidebar Developer's Guide

This guide is intended for content developers who wish to create tabs for the sidebar, a component of Netscape 6/7. The guide contains technical descriptions of the tab concept, design and development processes, as well as sample code. [go]

XPInstall Guidelines for Plugin Installations

Learn about how to seamlessly install plugins to Netscape Gecko browsers. [go]

Netscape Gecko Plugin Overview

Learn about changes in Netscape Gecko's plugin architecture vs. the Netscape 4 generation and recommended plugin development strategies. [go]

Netscape Gecko User Agent Strings

List of released user agents based upon Netscape GeckoTM [go]

Browser Detection and Cross Browser Support

Improper browser detection can lead to web maintenance nightmares. Rethinking the basics of when and how to detect user agents is crucial to creating maintainable, cross browser web content. [go]

Incorrect MIME Type for CSS Files

In standards mode, Netscape Gecko requires that Web Servers report the proper MIME type of text/css for CSS files. Learn how to properly configure your web server's CSS Mime Type to support Netscape Gecko. [go]

Bookmark Keywords

Practically every Web surfer has bookmarks, of course, and power users have hundreds stuffed into folders within folders. In addition to being pointers to useful resources, bookmarks in Mozilla can be used to turn the address bar itself a power tool. Searches, lookups, package tracking, and word definitions can all be retrieved from user-customized bookmarks. [go]

Understanding Underlines

Understanding the CSS declaration text-decoration: underline; and how it is supposed to work according to the CSS standard can be tricky. Learn how to properly use text-decorations in CSS compliant browsers as well as other not so compliant browsers. [go]

Giving 'cursor' a Hand

Netscape 6 and Mozilla support cursor quite nicely, but that's not true of some other browsers. Happily, there's a fix. Find out how to get a hand from multiple browsers when you use this property. [go]

background-position Keyword Order

Learn about a work around for bug 124192 in Netscape 6.2/Mozilla 0.9.8 where keyword order in the CSS background-position property can affect Netscape 6.2/Mozilla. [go]

Images, Tables, and Mysterious Gaps

Are your page designs suddenly plauged by mysterious gaps beneath images in Netscape 6+ and Mozilla? Do these gaps appear and disappear depending on your page's document type? We feel your frustration, but try to make up for it with a thorough explanation of why this happens, and give you ways to work around this surprising effect of Mozilla's CSS implementation. [go]

Upgrading DHTML pages with xbStyle

A case study in using the xbStyle example API to port and existing script to support Netscape Gecko. [go]

DevEdge International

This page provides a brief introduction to DevEdge International and its generalconcepts. [go]